Eva Planner

Eva Planner is the best planner on the market and comes free with all of our plans. With Eva Planner you can arrange meetings with tutors or therapists witht the click of a button. Eva Planner can be used to organize all aspects of your life to help your mental health and stress.

It syncs with school schedules, gradebooks, and teacher portals such as Canvas and Google Classroom, along with hundreds of intergrations.

Stay Woke.

Unique Features

Eva CBT Chatbot

Our machine learning based chatbot Eva is a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy coach modeled after real therapists to encourage patients to think critically about situations, reduce stressful situations, and increase self-compassion.

Both Tutoring and Therapy

Today, students are put under academic pressure which leads to mental health problems and stress. This is why EVA tries to solve not only the symptom but the cause.


Therapy is often prohibitively expensive for those who need it the most, Eva plans to fix this by lowering the personnal cost associated with therapy.

The Best You Can Be

EVA helps those who need help to become the best person that they can possibly be. Compassion is a key moral emotion or motivation that deserves to be further explored through positive computing, or technology for well-being. Self-compassion can help people’s overall well-being through kindness towards oneself, connectedness to greater humanity, and mindfulness.

Hello from Eva!

We are a diverse team of creators, makers, builders, and students at University High School in the Virtual Enterprise program. Our platform was created after the need for better access to mental health professionals in a broken healthcare system. Our Tutoring app connects students to high-quality personalized 1:1 tutoring after asking peers what was missing from school. We call it Eva. They call it "Digital Aristotle". All our projects are open source, and we intend to keep it that way.